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Sam Eid


Sam Eid was born in Milpitas, California. In early teenage years, relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and began the enduring journey to study the world of graphic design.




   Beginning early 2017, SE Designs has aspired to create personalized, timeless, and quality brand identification but without the price margins of large design agencies with lots of overhead to account for.




Let's Talk About it

  Fill out a short questionnaire requesting a design, you can find it by clicking this link  Or (for locals) we may meet at a desired location with a pencil and paper and begin sketching ideas right then and there! 
  In this step we thoroughly discuss the brand identity and brand strategy. We will conceptualize ideas regarding the element of the logos, colors, fonts, social media marketing, and anything else that may be personalized to your brands needs.

   We will discuss costs and deadlines during this step.


   This is when I do research on your company and its competitors. This helps me gather information to better generate a brand that not only stands out, but is functional to its purpose and appealing to the base of your ideal client or customers.  


  Here, I will use my 5+ years of design experience and expertise and have created a variety of ideas to choose from. I will also take your ideas and requests (if any) into account while designing. I'll make sure to include my own ideas as well.

revise & Perfect

   We have now narrowed down our options, chosen colors, fonts, and mock-ups. At this point, we can conduct any alterations, if needed, to achieve a refined, precise, and perfected design that will be functional to your business needs.


  Once we have completed and perfected your new design. I can begin to generate all the necessary files and brand elements such as editable source files, vectors, single-tone variations, color codes, font files, and every format you will ever need to use and print your design. And if you don't know what the file types are, or what they may be used for, do not worry, you will be explained absolutely everything you anything you'll need to know.




Your brand is now completed and sent to you via agreed method. Instructions on how to use brand, and if you still need help, I will always be available to assist you for any reasons at all.

Ready to build your brand?

If you are ready to take your brand and ideas to the next level, and have the absolute best possible image to show your clients and customers, visit my contract page and fill out a very short questionnaire. You can be as brief or as descriptive as you please, though keep in mind that the more you can tell me about yourself, the better the results. After the contract has been submitted, I'll be in touch within 24 hrs